CIESE Online: Classroom Projects: Sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet; Each project has a brief description and links to the National Science Standards and NCTM math standards it supports.

Educational Technology Videos

Google Docs: Create and share your work online: Upload from and save to your desktop; Edit anytime, from anywhere; Pick who can access your documents; Share changes in real time; Files are stored securely online; Use this site to promote group work and peer editing skills and to monitor student progress. Work is saved automatically when updates are entered; students will find it easy to collaborate with others and get feedback from teachers or anyone. Teachers can use it to post assignments. It's free!

Internet4Classrooms: Integrated Technology: Support standards-based curriculum topics and integrates a technology component within the lesson.

PBS Technology and Science Resources: Lesson plans and science videos for all grade levels

The Lesson Plans Paget: Computer and Internet Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner: Computer Lesson Plans

Educational Computer Magazines

From Now On: The educational technology journal for engaged learning and educational technology for literacy

T.H.E. Journal: Transforming education through technology

Email Projects ePals is a Global Community of collaborative learners, teachers, and academic experts in 200 countries and territories. ePals provides Connections to students, classes, and school districts worldwide that are safe and secure. ePals is the safe and protected solution for linking classes, schools, and school districts globally via ePals SchoolMail™, ePals SchoolBlog™, and Classroom Match.

Kidlink Network -The Kidlink Project is run by the Kidlink Association, a newly created non-commercial, user-owned organization in Sweden, that helps children understand their possibilities, set goals for life, and develop life-skills. Its free educational programs motivate learning by helping teachers relate local curriculum guidelines to students' personal interests and goals. Kidlink is open for all children and youth in any country through the age of 15, and students at school through secondary school. Most users are between 10 - 15 years of age. Since the start in 1990, used by children from 176 countries.

Scholastic: Students and Class Projects Using the Internet: An article which describes the types of projects that can be put into place

TeAchnology: Computer Teaching Lesson Plans

Tech & Serving educators with ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum

U.S. Department Of Education: Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet

WebQuest Lessons

WebQuests in the Intermediate Elementary Classroom: A complete overview with exemplary links

WebQuest 101 - Video Tutorials: A webquest tutorial that not only explains how to create a webquest that works; lots of example

WebQuest Lesson Plans

WebQuest.Org Matrix Example Webquests: You've arrived at the most complete and current source of information about the WebQuest Model. Whether you're an education student new to the topic or an experienced teacher educator looking for materials, you'll find something here to meet your needs; Find WebQuests; Create WebQuests; Share WebQuests, and MORE

UCI Summer Science Institute: WebQuest Science Lessons developed to engage students in on-line instruction in various science topics.

WebQuests: Web-Based Lesson Plans Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification

From Now On: The educational technology journal for engaged learning and educational technology for literacy

T.H.E. Journal: Transforming education through technology

WebQuest Generator Webquest Generator

123, Your Webquest for Free

Web Page Design Resources
Web Design Tutorials  
Online Web Design Tutorial Webmonkey: The Developer's Resource
Web Developers Virtual Library Web Publishing Made Easy

Web Templates Online Microsoft Online Web Page Templates
Free Website Templates Pick a Template, Customize It, Download it for Free
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